Dit zijn websites van tijdschriften die we niet verkopen of van groepen of uitgevers die we wel de moeite waard vinden. De tijdschriften kunnen geheel of gedeeltelijk online gelezen worden. Van de uitgevers en distributeurs die we vermelden hebben we een aanzienlijk deel van de titels die ze aanbieden in voorraad. Wat we niet in voorraad hebben, kunnen we bestellen.

These are the websites of magazines we don't sell or from groups or publishers which we find worthwile mentioning. The magazines can be read completely or partly on their website. From the mentioned publishers or distributors we stock quite a lot of titles. Those titles we don't carry in our stock, can be ordered.

Estas son las páginas de internet de revistas que no vendemos y de grupos simpáticos o editoriales y librerias semejantes a la nuestra que encontramos suficiente interesantes para hacerles un enlace. Las revistas se pueden leer parcialmente o completamente en su página de internet. De las editoriales y distribuidoras mencionados tenemos una parte significativa en la tienda. Los que no tenemos, podemos pedir en general.

Internationaal, International

Anarchist Studies Network (ASN, Political Studies Association)

Anarchist Studies

The Anarchist Studies Network is an official Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association (UK). The principal aims of this network are to coordinate and promote the re-investigation of anarchism as a political ideology.


Anarchy Archives, An online research center on the history and theory of anarchism

The construction of this archive began September 5, 1995. My goals are eventually to provide at one site the collected works of the major anarchists and an online history of anarchists and anarchist movements worldwide, including a graphics archive.



International encyclopedia in various languages on anarchism



Anarkismo.net is het resultaat van internationale samenwerking tussen anarchistische organisaties en individuen die het eens zijn met onze redactionele verklaring (zie hieronder). Het heeft als doel de communicatie, de discussie en het debat te bevorderen binnen de globale anarchistische beweging. Het is onze bedoeling om Anarkismo.net uit te bouwen tot een werkelijk globaal en meertalig hulpmiddel.



Website with English and German articles with critical analysis and information on national police forces and  international police cooperation. Also about anti-migration and border police. Also about police tactics and material.


LinkFédération internationale des centres d’études et de documentation libertaires (FICEDL) - International Federation of libertarian research and documentation centres


International of Anarchist Federations

The International of Anarchist Federations (IAF or IFA) was founded during an international anarchist conference in Carrara in 1968 by the three existing european federations of France, Italy and Spain as well as the Bulgarian federation in french exile. To counter the internationalisation of state and capitalist powers that are developing their influences ever rapidly on a global scale, the IFA has since aimed to build and improve strong and active international anarchist structures.


International Review of Social History (Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, Amsterdam)

With a long-established reputation, International Review of Social History (IRSH) is widely regarded as one of the pioneering journals in its field. It is internationally renowned for the quality, depth and originality of its articles, and provides an essential resource for scholars and researchers across the discipline of social history.



Interessante site met Duits- en Engelstalig archief van radencommunistische teksten.

http://www.kurasje.org of de meer complete gearchiveerde versie hier


libcom.org is a resource for all people who wish to fight to improve their lives, their communities and their working conditions. We want to discuss, learn from successes and failures of the past and develop strategies to increase the power we, as ordinary people, have over our own lives.



Met het Marxistisch Internet-Archief willen we een gemakkelijke toegang verlenen tot de werken van de marxistische schrijvers en in het bijzonder de ‘klassieke marxisten’. Nu al is er een aanzienlijk deel van deze werken verkrijgbaar in het Engels, en met de opbouw van een niet-Engelstalige sectie hopen we dat er nog meer mensen gebruik kunnen maken van dit archief.


Link Research on Anarchism Forum (RA Forum)

Research on Anarchism is an interactive website and data base in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese. It includes brief biographies and texts by leading contemporary writers and historians. There are also links to full text political writings when these are available. Other features of the site include online discussion forums and news on contemporary relevant events.


Link Spunk Library, The Anarchist Archive

The Spunk Library was an effort from 1992 to 2000 (roughly) to collect and distribute Libertarian Socialist material in electronic form, mostly through the Internet and other computer networks. The last update of the website was in 2002. The actual text archive has probably not been updated since some time in the late 1990s.

http://www.spunk.org/ of hier een mirror

Statewatch (London, UK)

Monitoring the state and civil liberties in Europe